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Book Musings - Star Wars: The High Republic

Happy Revenge of the Fifth! Hope you had a good May the Fourth as well. :-) To kick off my new “Book Musings” blog series where I talk about technical books I’ve read, I figured it’d be fun to start with a Star Wars book. Believe it or not, there is a chapter that I found relatable to my line of work in the technology field:

A Star Wars hacker (systems administrator) is tasked to run simulations to predict the future based on existing data (machine learning). They get an incredibly huge amount of droids connected to each other (a cloud computing cluster) to crunch through the data. The droids (servers) start to overheat once the prediction algorithm starts. To help, the Jedi (senior systems engineers) help out by creating rain (a water cooling solution). In the end, the hacker is able to predict the future accurately and help save the day!

As for the book itself, it’s not my favorite. There are too many stories going on at once and it jumps around randomly. You never get enough time to fully care about the characters or specific stories. I pushed through reading it only to understand this new era of the Star Wars universe (400 years before the Skywalker saga). Here’s to hoping the other book in the series are better!

On a personal level, one of my life goals is to publish a book. If you’ve ever seen my Root Pages notes, you’d know that I’m passionate about technical writing. As a stretch goal, I’d love to write a Star Wars book. Timothy Zahn was a huge inspiration for me getting into reading recreational books. I’d love to be able to write some books that complement his work. I also understand and relate to how hard it is to write a book so props to all of the authors out there!

Book musings on real technical books are coming. Stay tuned! - Luke Short